Atelier Christian von der Heide specialises in corporate branding, product, logo, editorial and screen design. Since the design studio’s inception in 2010, Christian von der Heide develops, in collaboration with his team, prize-winning and highly regarded design solutions for international companies.

From leading manufacturers in the cosmetic, perfume, food and media industries to organisations in the luxury goods sector. The studio places great emphasis on technical ability and the preservation of values in innovation and new technologies.


Creating the future knowing the past

Paying attention to the needs of the customer, listening closely, grappling with the history of the brand – that is always the start. Empathising with the product leads to an individual solution with focus on persistence, sophistication and grandeur. The demand for artistic and intellectual designs characterize my work as a designer.

From private to world brands. Brand development or just a logo. Office equipment, design manuals, image brochures.


Basis for a new design is always the subjacent idea. The spirit of the brand is transformed into three dimensions. With visual appearance, surface and weight the brand becomes palpable. Understanding, sustainability, reliability, quality and performance of the work at the highest level are my demands.

Flacons, packaging, stationary, product presentation at the point of sale

Emotion and technology

Interaction adds another dimension to the brand experience. Websites are a crucial element of any brand communication. My aim is to create webdesigns that are not only functional, intentional and emotional but at the same time represent the brand in all its facets.

Responsive websites, apps, onscreen presentations for brands, fairs, point of sale.

Giving things soul

The product is embedded in its context, comes alive, when put to stage. Every detail matches the spirit of the brand, represents the underlying philosophy.

Set design for photos, fairs, point of sale etc.


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