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The luxury brand Vkus – pronounced fkuss – which is devoted to the Russian tea tradition asked the Atelier Christian von der Heide to do the brand and product design – and more: the trade show booth of Vkus presented the ideal location for the launch event of the new brand in Milano and was also designed by the Atelier Christian von der Heide.

The range of the new tea brand Vkus (which includes classic black and herbal teas as well as specialties such as the precious Pu-Ehr or Oolong tea) covers the entire range of tea specialties of excellent quality for upscale restaurants and hotels. They also offer organic tea. Depending on business requirements, one can select between a business line and a premium line in organic quality. The name Vkus stands for the motto of the brand: „Vkus“ is the Russian word for „taste“.

In order to live up to the high quality and sustainability standards of Vkus, the Atelier Christian von der Heide created a luxurious and still functional packaging: sealable doypacks, high-quality, refillable, and thus sustainable metal tea caddies for loose tea, pyramid bags, and threaded cotton bags for organic teas. In addition, the Atelier created slipcases, brochures, displays, and high-quality piano lacquer boxes for hotels. Apart from that, the Atelier also came up with the concept and design of the trade show booth, which also served as location for the launch event of the new brand at the „host“ show in Milano.

„It was a great pleasure and an exciting challenge to give the new premium restaurant and hotel brand Vkus our full program,“ Christian von der Heide explains. The result is a sophisticated design inspired by the Russian tradition of enjoying tea, which keeps referencing the logo of the brand. For instance, you can find the delicate floral cut-outs for the lettering in the logo vignette and in the corporate pattern. The high-grade metal tins for loose tea are classic French tea caddies which were decorated in brilliant colors using a screen printing process. They correspond to the respective tea creation: the Oolong almond tea can shines pink like an almond blossom, the caddy for the „Morning Hour“ tea in the early morning blue.

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