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With their unusual jewellery collections featuring magic harmony balls, trees of life, and empowering chakra pendants, Engelsrufer jewellers are writing a truly celestial story of their own – worldwide. The successful label is now expanding its range to include perfumes, and has chosen the Hamburg-based Atelier Christian von der Heide to design the new Aurora, Luna and Love signature fragrance trilogy, available exclusively at Douglas.

The elegant bottles of the new Engelsrufer perfumes are the latest gems to be launched by the brand, whose harmony balls have helped cultivate its reputation as a lucky charm and caller of guardian angels. Designer Christian von der Heide, who, along with his team, has been hired to design the bottle and box, drew his inspiration from the essence of the Engelsrufer brand: the decorative chiming balls, consisting of a filigree Sterling silver basket holding an individual harmony ball inside.

As such, the top of each of the three fragrances’ round glass bottles is enveloped in metallic silver lacing, whose sensuously enchanting ornamental pattern gives the impression of protecting the fragrance beneath it. The cap continues the pattern, its spherical shape once again reminiscent of an Engelsrufer harmony ball.

“The combination of glass for the bottle and silver for the lacework generates a deliberate contrast in materials, which is also apparent in the jewellery pendants, where colourful pearls are set against Sterling silver. When crafting the bottles, we consciously take into account the brand’s essence”, explains Christian von der Heide. The fact that the signature fragrance is available in three different scents and colours is also no coincidence. Just as the colour and sound of the harmony balls in the pendants can be changed depending on the wearer’s mood, so each individual perfume in the trilogy is tailored to the wearer’s mood in terms of colour and fragrance composition.

The colours are: white for the delicate, flowery Aurora, named after the Roman dawn goddess; light rosé for the tender, florid Love; and black for the romantically mysterious Luna, inspired by the Greek goddess. Christian von der Heide has designed all three bottles in such a way that the colours gently fade out in a subtle gradient down the glass.

The atelier’s work also includes designing the luxury box, which features blind and foil embossing. The Engelsrufer perfume trilogy is available only from Douglas.

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