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Corporate Design

The complete presentation of the Dita Von Teese signature scent was developed by Atelier Christian von der Heide. The heraldry on the packaging plays with the attributes of a burlesque dancer – the corset, the legendary martini glass and the evening gloves, crowned by a fan of ostrich feathers.

Dita von Teese – a luxurious tribute to 1930’s burlesque.


She is the queen of burlesque and an international style and fashion icon: Dita von Teese. The design studio Christian von der Heide worked closely with Dita von Teese developing her first signature perfume.

The result two glass vials, which pay homage to the 1930s style, are a chic glossy black and represent the glamour and pure allurement of Dita von Teese: An elegant bottle with ball atomiser and a striking perfume amphora. The intricately polished glass reminds you of the vintage perfume vials, which are collector’s items nowadays.

Each bottle neck is adorned with a silk cord, secured by a radiant red pearl, which merges into a long black silk tassel. In 2012 the signature perfume from Dita von Teese was awarded the German perfume prize »Duftstars« in the category Lifestyle by the Fragrance Foundation Germany, which is the most distinguished award in the cosmetic industry.


The concept of the first perfume, which utilised two different vials, which was awarded the German perfume prize, continues with the perfume »Rouge«: a large vial and a smaller amphora for the handbag. The inspiration came from vintage ruby glass bottles, whose polished facets glowed in a seductive fashion.

The folding packaging augments the vintage theme and the sensual seductive perfume concept, with shading on a silver background. The rhombic faces of the vials appear to glow in the light. Hence perfume bottles were created, which are not purely receptacles, rather more a glittering accessory for a sensual and glamorous life.

Fleur Teese

The delicate perfume, whose name is a play on words with the French for flowers and the name of the artist, represents the gentile side of feminine persuasiveness. This characteristic is represented in the design of the new vial, which remains light, transparent and with highly polished surfaces. Firstly the content lends a violet colour, which takes the artist back to her childhood memories, of violet elder bushes in her home state Michigan USA.

The vial is adorned with a long elegant tassel, which is threaded through a silver pearl. In keeping with the design, the vial is sealed with a silver screw top. As with the previous two perfumes the studio has maintained the theme of two vial sizes: a large bottle and a smaller amphora, which is perfect for every handbag.


For the design of her fourth perfume style icon und burlesque star Dita von Teese again confided in the designstudio Christian von der Heide. The design studio complemented the erotic mystic eau de parfum‚ Erotique with two transparent, light gold shimmering vials, a heart-shaped padlock and an elegant gold black folding box with soft touch leather embossment.

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