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Hamburg based L.A.B. Cosmetics relies on the experience and cosmetics competence of the Atelier Christian von der Heide. Now L.A.B. Cosmetics hired the Atelier to implement the design and branding of its latest brand Daytox.

The brand name already indicates the concept of an integrated care line and is a contraction of the terms „daily detox“ – the daily, regenerative beauty program which restores balance to body and skin. „Beauty in balance“ is therefore the claim of the new brand, consisting of lotions, masks, elixirs, peelings, body oils and lotions.

As integrated as the product range, as integrated is also the product experience in terms of the look and feel of the individual jars, tubes, or dispenser bottles: the Atelier chose silky matte, porcelain white labels with a pleasant soft touch finish. The matte surface contrasts with a logo in a metallic bronze tone with a halo inspired by the sun which symbolizes the new day-and-night care cycle of the new brand.

The design atelier presented the new beauty line in glass jars inspired by pharmacy crucibles with cream spatulas, pipette bottles, pump bottles, and tubes which fulfill two important product characteristics: optimal dosage and hygienic dispensing. Light-sensitive products are protected from damaging light in brown glass bottles.

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