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Designer Christian von der Heide produces limited edition products under his brand name chvdh including perfumes, wines, jewellery and stationery goods.

Objet Trouvé #1

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Designer Christian von der Heide produces limited edition products under his brand name chvdh including perfumes, wines, jewellery and stationery goods. The inaugural series consists of low volume handcrafted silver jewellery items, objet trouvé #1.
On first glance it looks like a banal everyday item, but upon handling the item it’s significance is clear. We are referring to the ring-pull of a drinks can, that is pulled upwards to open the can. By the same token upon viewing the pendant one realises that it is a quality sterling silver itemcrafted by a highly skilled silversmith.

With a limited production of 50 pieces designer Christian von der Heide introduces the first series of his market concept chvdh, the objet trouvé a collector’s piece, initially perceived as an everyday item.
»This demonstrates exactly the contrast between low cost mass production and carefully crafted quality materials, and this is what attracted me to objet trouvé«.

Pendant in sterling silver including silver chain

Manufactured quantity: 50

Material: sterling silver

Price: 600 € / 760 $

Contact me for further informations, payment and shipping.